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Fashion Growth Package

About our package

At Onavid, we don't follow the typical marketing agency approach of serving only good-paying or only established clients. We believe the spending capacity of a brand shouldn't be a thing stopping them from getting the best quality services, every brand deserves the right marketing partners, and no brand should settle for an average quality service just because they couldn't afford the right agency. And to make that sure we have our Fashion Growth Package, serving every type and size of fashion brands. 

Fashion Growth Package is a one-stop immediate solution for all young, growing labels looking to increase their online website sales, grow their brands' social media, run paid advertising, and polish their brand positioning.

The package comes in with 3 agency calls, 1 hour each booked as per the client's availability.


Package Covers

Fashion Growth Package covers 4 core business aspects






Paid Ads

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Social Media

Who is this for?


Brands who never ran ads before


Brands looking to just get expert support


Brands burnt by poor-performing agencies in the past


Brands doing ads on a small scale


Brands currently doing ads inhouse


Brands willing to start ads on a low budget


Aspects covered

  • Website Design/ Functionality Audit

  • Website Content Study

  • Website Improvement Recommendations

  • Website Product Positioning

  • Tips to increase website sales

  • Website Sales funnel Audit

  • Website Sales Conversion Improvement Tips

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery Tips

  • Online Business Credibility Improvement Tips

  • Return Customer Improvement Tips

  • Industry-oriented website apps recommendation



Aspects covered

  • Current Brand Audit

  • Brand loophole identification & solution

  • Brand projections

  • Tips to improve brand voice

  • Tips to improve brand positioning

  • Tips on how to charge premium prices

Paid Ads

Aspects covered

  • Meta & Google account audit

  • Ad Attribution audit

  • Budget based meta ad strategy to increase sales & brand presence

  • Budget based google ad strategy to increase sales & brand presence

  • Tips to scale ads and grow brand digitally

  • Strategies to increase ROAS


Social Media

Aspects covered

  • Social Media Accounts audit

  • Instagram content strategy overview

  • Social media profile optimization tips

  • Organic content tips

  • Tips to improve social media audience

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