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We got all your doubts covered

1. What is the guarantee that sales will come?

We have worked with 90+ fashion brands selling all different types of products ranging from ethnic wear to imitation jewellery and handbags. Over the period we have leveraged and created our own audience database consisting of customers having high puchasing power, which are extremely relevant to your product. So thereby your products and our 5million+ of accurate audiences become a perfect match, which are guaranteed to get you profitable results.

2. What all services you provide?

We are a fashion performance marketing agency. We help fashion brands with facebook, instagram and google ads. Apart from this we also provide a complete website development service with shopify being our speciality, we also provide marketing consultation and help brands expand internationally.

3. My earlier agency wasted a lot of money on ad spends with bare minimum returns, is it the same with you guys?

This has been a common problem for all the brands coming from another agency. And to clear it out, this is not the case with us because we don't ever start with your ads directly we have our 3 step process which is designed in a way to save every single penny in ad spend to know our exact strategy scroll up to OUR STRATEGY section.

4. Ads reduce profit margins like anything, so I don't invest in advertising

We won't deny the fact that ads at times reduce your profits in the start but we have found our way around that and we know how to run ads for you without disturbing your margins. Would be happy to get on a call and share all.

5. My business is not in a position to run ads, I need to change few things

We completely understand how important it is for the business to be ready before running an sort of ads. So, that's why our strategies are built in a way that the first 7 days we spend on preparing your online business for ads. This speedens up the process for you as you don't have to work alone on this, you would be having industry experts by your side to guide and consult you which will lead to a quicker more effective result. This is also one of the reason why our clients love us!

6. I am interested in working with Onavid, but I have paid another agency

That's a tricky situation, but no need to worry we have found the solution to this which you would love to hear without hurting your pockets. Book a call with us and lets grow your together brand, the authentic way!

7. You work with all fashion brands, so is there a set marketing strategy?

Unfortunately, NO because we believe no two brands are the same so why have the same strategy. We audit each brand minutely and prepare an exclusive marketing strategy which is tailor-made only for that brand, no one size fits all strategy.

8. Do you have any fixed retainer contracts?

We are pretty flexible when it comes to contract, in genral we recommend all brands to go for a 90- day contract as it helps generate solid results and sizeable growth. But if you want to go for a month by month basis, we are happy to do it for you.

9. How can I be assured that my brand will get the right attention, and it will be in good hands?

Honestly we are very proud to answer this. So, at Onavid we do not work with more than 12 clients at any given time. As the founder burnt his hands with 7 agencies while growing his businesses so he understands what its like to be in your shoes and how important it is for a brand to get the right nurturing and attention. Hence, its always quality over quanity for us!

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