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Case Study 2

Luxury Indian Label collaborated with Onavid to increase their digital presence and increase website sales.

The brand is an accessible luxury Indian fashion brand that inspires a sense of glamor, confidence and sensuality in the modern-day men and women.

Passion, Innovation and Luxury are at the heart of the brand. These values are reflected at every level from brand's inspired designs to meticulous craftsmanship, and made to last quality with a promise to deliver “Fashion without compromise”.

With our efforts, the brand was able to revive their quality audience and garner the attention of many influencers and celebrities that started purchasing from them. The collective efforts along with Onavid's expert performance team got them back on high profitability track which was dropping consistently before partnering with us.

Something beyond just revenue, their messaging was crafted very diligently for the ads which amplified their USPs and help connect with the audience emotionally.

‍The brand is well on its ways to start scaling aggressively to aim for ₹1 Cr. monthly revenue.

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